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For those of you who are stuck with a BYE week and need to find a DST off waivers, or for those of you who wisely play waivers for a DST ever week and play the matchups…we have compiled every DST and have developed a “Rating” to help you pick the best one.

The Rating is pretty easy to understand. We determine the average weekly score based these year to date averages (see score legend below):

Yards Allowed
Points Allowed
Fumbles Lost

Then we compare that to the similar year to date averages in the same category for the offense they face this week.

Basically, this tells us which is the best defense facing the worst offense each week and rank them. Pretty simple.




In addition, we have determined the matchups for every remaining week of the season for each DST. We use the method above to calculate each remaining week score and then aggregate that over the rest of each team’s schedule.

Simply put, these are the most capable DSTs facing the least capable offenses over the remainder of the season. These are teams to target for long term holds.

Also, check out the “Playoff” Rating, which tells you which DSTs will face the weakest , most turnover prone offenses in the fantasy playoffs (W14-16).


Scoring for Defensive Categories Setting
BFB – Blocked Field Goals (ID/ST/DST) 3 points
BP – Blocked Punts (ID/ST/DST) 1 point
BXP – Blocked Extra Points (ID/ST/DST) 1 point
DFR – Defensive/ST Fumble Recovered (ID/DT/DST) 2 points
DSTPA – Points Against Defense/ST 0 – 4 DSTPAs = 6 points

5 – 9 DSTPAs = 5 points

10 – 14 DSTPAs = 4 points

15 – 19 DSTPAs = 3 points

20 – 24 DSTPAs = 2 points

25 – 29 DSTPAs = 1 point

30 – 100 DSTPAs = 0 points

DTD – Total Defensive and Special Teams TD 6 points
Int – Interceptions 2 points
SACK – Sack 1 point
STY – Safety 2 points
YDS – Yards Allowed 0 – 149 YDSs = 6 points

150 – 199 YDSs = 5 points

200 – 249 YDSs = 4 points

250 – 299 YDSs = 3 points

300 – 349 YDSs = 2 points

350 – 399 YDSs = 1 point

400 – 500 YDSs = 0 points

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