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Week Two: Sept 12, 2012- For the regular visitors to fantasyomatic.com, just a reminder:

fantasyomatic.com’s revolutionary way to project player performance will be available after week three of the 2012 season. The projections require player performance data and will therefore be ready after week three.

The matchups strength ranks are based on tons of offseason work loading player ratings for every defensive player and loading week one rosters. We then come up with “defensive personnel against” ratings for each offensive player on every team. This gives us fresh 2012 matchup rankings…NOT 2011 RANKS AGAINST! Very important, these are based on 2012, not 2011. A lot of work went into these so do not misunderstand.

For more details, check out the ‘Algorithm’. But trust us, its worth the wait.

***NEW!!! In 2012 we have added weighting for Home/Away and Playing Surface differences and our testing against 2011 data indicated that our new algorithm update gave us over 10% more accuracy and differences in up to 3points a game in projections. ITS WORTH THE WAIT!!!!

Here are some examples of the format from last year:
QB Week

Since we do not want to leave you in the cold for the first few weeks of the season, we wanted to give you the projected matchup rankings for week one.

Use these to help you make close roster decisions. Don’t sit regular starters because they have tough matchups, just expect less from them. However, if you have a couple players you cannot decide between, go with the player with the better matchup.

Note: Lower number = better matchup (Sort Ascending on each position) 1=Best Matchup, 32=Worst Matchup

Check back in week three for the fantasyomatic.com’s ‘Algorithm’-driven player rankings you cannot find anywhere!

Follow us on twitter for launch details: @fantasyomatic

Expect “less” from these players this week:
Kevin Smith vs SF
Isaac Redman vs NYJ
C.J Spiller vs KC
Deangello Williams vs NO

Kevin Ogletree vs Cb Marcus Trufant (SEA)
Stephen Hill vs CB Cortez Allen (PIT)
DeSean Jackson vs CB Ladarius Webb (BAL)
Mike Wallace vs CB Darelle Revis (NYJ)

Peyton Mannning vs ATL
Matt Stafford vs SF
Mark Sanchez vs PIT

Tony Gonzales vs DEN
Jason Witten vs SEA
Jacob Tamme vs ATL

Expect a better than normal week from these players:
Alfred Morris vs STL
Adrian Peterson vs IND
Jaquizz Rodgers vs DEN
Trent Richardson vs CIN

Vincent Jackson vs NYG
Andre Roberts vs CB Devon McCourty (NE)
Laurent Robinson vs CB Kareem Jackson (JAX)

Jay Cutler VS GB
Ryan Fitzpatrick vs KC
Carson Palmer vs MIA

Tony Moeaki vs BUF
Coby Fleener vs MIN
JerMichael Finley vs CHI
Greg Olsen vs NO

Week Two NFL Weather:

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