Fantasy Points Per Attempt

Updated: 12/20/16

Fantasy football draft season is right around the corner. We are constantly looking for interesting ways to create advantages out of analyzing fantasy football data and we believe we have found another great one, just in time for your fantasy draft preparation activities.

In 2012 we were one of the first sites to start looking at “Fantasy Points Per Touch” as a metric to more faithfully measure how productive a player has been with their opportunities.

We did a study here to find a way to tweak that one more small bit to find out which players could see spikes in production if given additional opportunities. We ended up using this data to make our algorithm even more accurate than industry metrics.

We created “Fantasy Points Per Attempt” for your consumption.

This metric includes quarterbacks and even includes pass catcher “drops” rather than just receptions.

We are using this to mathematically predict how backups may produce when given more touches. We cannot assume that they will do the same as the normal starter, sine they are not the same talent, but this metric helps us quantify that.

We broke down each position into different lists since they each have different “minimum attempt” values. That way we do not clutter up the ranks with players who only ever touched the ball a few times.


QBs: min= 200 attempts
RBs: min= 40 attempts > 5 touches per game
WRs: min= 20 attempts > 5 touches per game
TEs: min= 40 attempts > 3 touches per game

Any players with fewer attempts or touches are not listed here.