Fantasy Tools provides serious fantasy football enthusiasts with fantasy analytic tools that you cannot find anywhere else.

Our proprietary Algorithm drives all of the data on this site, including:

Strength of Schedule: Tells you which Positions on which NFL Teams have the easiest and toughest remaining schedules. NOT the same “Fantasy Points Against” you find everywhere else. These are 46% more accurate.

Defense Ratings: Tells you how tough of a matchup each NFL defense is against each fantasy position with accuracy that puts the standard “Fantasy Points Against” rankings to shame.

Compare Players: Got a lineup or roster move question? Use our FREE Player Comparison tool to compare the ratings or trade values of as many players as you wish, across positions.

Positional Rankings: Not the same rankings you see on every fantasy site. These rankings are based on Ratings that factor in proven math to help determine the value of a player and the strength of their matchup.

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