Matchup Dependency

Good matchups alone to not guarantee that a fantasy player will produce on a given week. The same is true about bad matchups.

There is simply no such thing as a “matchup proof” player, even though you hear this term thrown around by fantasy experts all the time. Simply put, that is mathematically impossible to have any one variable not be effected by constraints.

However, each player differs in how much they are influenced by their matchups. Some very little, some very much. The level in which they differ will directly influence their how much better or worse they will play against positive or negative matchups.

These are the concepts that we use when we determine our ‘Player Ratings”. Although the formula for determining our Player Ratings is as very complex mathematical algorithm we thought that showing you how players produce (or not) against different levels of competition may help people understand the concept behind the ratings.

The point of this exercise if to demonstrate how a MATCHUP is really the combination of how good or bad a defense is against a position COMBINED with the player’s ability to take advantage or to be restricted.

Performance Projections based on “Fantasy Points Against” and “Fantasy Points Per Week” are flawed because they do not take both sides into account. However, FantasyOmatic™ “Matchup Ratings” exist to provide this unit of measure.