Updated 8/09/17


The following ranks represent the rankings for each team by position in their order of their *calibrated Strength of Schedule. We calibrate the opponent strength based on our FoM Rating™ for each defense The top team in each list represents the team with the least resistance for success against each skill position.

Why is this different (and more accurate) than all other “Industry Standard” Fantasy Points Against Rankings? CLICK HERE TO READ
The top 10 in each position indicate exceptionally favorable REMAINING schedules (calibrated opponent rankings vs position- NOT standard ranks) combined with favorable usage in scoring position for each team. We have also included RATINGS for each position. A lower Strength of Schedule rating/rank means the remaining schedule for that position on that team is easier than a team with a higher Strength of Schedule rating/rank. TARGET PLAYERS WITH LOW SoS RATINGS/RANKS!

1=easiest cumulative matchups
32= toughest cumulative matchups

Here is a quick video tutorial to help you make the most out of this tool: