Week 16: TE

These rankings are computer generated by the FantasyOMatic proprietary database system using our fantasyomatic algorithm™.

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This system takes all previous performances by each Player and weights them by the strength of the opposing defenses for those weeks. Then the strength of the opposing defenses is weighted by the Players of the same position that they have faced so far this season. This produces various Ratings.

  •  “Matchup Rating”= Highest Rating is better start for the week
  • “Player Rating”= Overall value of the player compared to other players. Highest RATING is better player to own.
  • “Rest of Season Rating”= Player’s value for rest of season. Use as trade value, higher RATING is best.
  • “OPP Rating”= Defense Rating against Player’s position. Highest RATING is best matchup. See colors.

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This will give you a chance to learn the the format and the terms. Here is the legend:

Great Good Bad Worst

Scoring System



Passing Yards: 1 point per 20 yards Solo Tackles: 1 point
Passing Touchdowns: 4 points Assisted Tackles: ½ point
Interceptions: -2 points Sacks: 2 points
Rushing Yards: 1 point per 10 yards Sack Yards: 1 point per 10 yards
Rushing Touchdowns: 6 points Tackles For Loss: 1 point
Receiving Yards: 1 point per 10 yards Quarterback Hits: 1 point
Receiving Touchdowns: 6 points Interceptions: 3 points
2-Point Conversions: 2 points Fumbles Forced: 3 points
Fumbles Lost: -2 points Fumbles Recovered 3 points
Fumble Recovered for a Touchdown: 6 points Defensive Touchdowns: 6 points



PAT Made: 1 point

We award points to individual defensive players (IDP Scoring)

We do not award points per reception

We use fractional points

We use negative points

FG Made: 3 points


FoM Player Rating Our proprietary, algorithm-driven player rating that takes into account their historical scoring as well as the strength of their opponents. each player gets a rating, the higher the better. The Rating is intended to not only allow you to rank players, but also see the difference between their values.
H/A Player is playing Home or Away
FoM OPP Rating™ Highest number= best matchup for your player. Matchups are color coded using the color guide below.
OPP Rank vs Pos The ranking of the opposing defense against the player’s position over the last four games only. Ranks easiest to hardest. The higher the number the better the matchup.
OPP Rank vs Pos L4 The ranking of the opposing defense against the player’s position. Ranks easiest to hardest. The higher the number the better the matchup.
FoM Matchup Rating™ The higher the number the better the matchup.Factors in Player Rating™,Opponent Rating™, Home/Away, Playing Surface and other variables to come up with one rating that can be compared across positions.
Matchup Rank The ranking of the ranking of the best matchups of the week. Ranks best start to worst start. The higher the number the better the matchup.
Trade Value A single value you can use to compare players across different positions. Try to trade for players with a higher or even trade value. Also use this to gauge value of multi-player trades.
Position Rank A proprietary ranking of all players across a position. Not ranked just by fantasy points scored, but weighted by the strength of the opponents faced.
Overall Rank A proprietary ranking of all players across all positions. Not ranked just by fantasy points scored, but weighted by the strength of the opponents faced.
Rest of Season Rating™ A proprietary rating that determines the value of all upcoming matchup ratings for the remainder of the season.
Invid Def Matchup The individual defensive player that Player faces this week:
  • Split end vs. right cornerback
  • Flanker vs. left cornerback
  • Tight end vs. run safety
  • #3 wide receiver vs. nickel cornerback
  • Quarterback vs. coverage safety
Indiv Def Grade Grade of strength of individual defensive player that faces Player this week:
  • RED=Toughest Matchup
  • YELLOW=Moderate Matchup
  • GREEN=Easiest Matchup

TE Matchups

Matchup Rank
Player Rating
OPP Rating
OPP Rank vs Pos
OPP Rank vs Pos L4
Matchup Rating
Trade Value
Position rank
Overall rank
Rest of Season Rating
Indiv Def macthup
Indiv Def Pos
1Antonio Gates TE SDTE0.04@CLE0.80 144.914111904.91
2Martellus Bennett TE CHITE-0.08NYJ0.67 214.564171994.56
3Greg Olsen TE CARTE0.22HATL0.24 574.54431734.54Keanu NealSS
4Delanie Walker TE TENTE0.26A@JAX0.06 11254.39421684.39Johnathan CyprienSS
5Kyle Rudolph TE MINTE0.20A@GB0.11 9274.37441754.37Morgan BurnettSS
6Zach Ertz TE PHITE0.19HNYG0.04 13114.31461774.31Landon CollinsSS
7Ladarius Green TE PITTE0.18HBAL-0.091934.17471794.17Eric WeddleSS
8Jason Witten TE DALTE0.03HDET0.17 8174.164121914.16Tavon WilsonSS
9Eric Ebron TE DETTE0.15A@DAL0.05 1224.15491834.15Barry ChurchSS
10Charles Clay TE BUFTE-0.04HMIA0.19 784.124161964.12Michael ThomasSS
11Travis Kelce TE KCTE0.31HDEN-0.2728144.12411654.12T.J. WardSS
12Julius Thomas TE JACTE-0.01TEN0.03 14244.104151954.10
13Jordan Reed TE WASTE0.05A@CHI-0.1323163.984101883.98Harold Jones-QuarteySS
14Dwayne Allen TE INDTE0.01A@OAK-0.152463.934131943.93Karl JosephSS
15Gary Barnidge TE CLETE-0.09HSD-0.0718103.914182003.91Jahleel AddaeSS
16Coby Fleener TE NOTE-0.11HTB-0.1020263.904192013.90Bradley McDougaldSS
17Tyler Eifert TE CINTE0.20A@HOU-0.4130183.86451763.86Quintin DempsSS
18Hunter Henry TE SDTE0.29A@CLE0.80 143.783292083.78Ibraheim CampbellSS
19Jared Cook TE GBTE-0.19HMIN-0.1122223.784202023.78Andrew SendejoSS
20Lance Kendricks TE LATE-0.25SF-0.0617133.774222043.77
21Vernon Davis TE WASTE-0.21@CHI-0.1323163.734212033.73
22Jimmy Graham TE SEATE0.17HARI-0.5232303.62481813.62Tony JeffersonSS
23Richard Rodgers TE GBTE-0.38MIN-0.1122223.594232053.59
24Clive Walford TE OAKTE-0.03HIND0.46 3193.143482183.14Clayton GeathersSS
25CJ Fiedorowicz TE HOUTE0.10HCIN0.33 4123.133352133.13Shawn WilliamsSS
26Cameron Brate TE TBTE0.35A@NO-0.1021152.973262072.97Kenny VaccaroSS
27Levine Toilolo TE ATLTE0.11@CAR-0.011652.803332122.80
28Dennis Pitta TE BALTE0.07A@PIT0.01 15202.783362152.78Robert GoldenSS
29Vance McDonald TE SFTE0.16A@LA-0.1826212.683312102.68T.J. McDonaldSS
30Austin Hooper TE ATLTE-0.03@CAR-0.011652.663472172.66
31Jack Doyle TE INDTE0.04@OAK-0.152462.593372162.59
32Jesse James TE PITTE-0.12BAL-0.091932.493552212.49
33Will Tye TE NYGTE-0.04A@PHI-0.1725292.493492192.49Malcolm JenkinsSS
34Larry Donnell TE NYGTE-0.22@PHI-0.1725292.312592232.31
35Jermaine Gresham TE ARITE0.14A@SEA-0.4231322.313322112.31Kam ChancellorSS
36AJ Derby TE DENTE-0.09@KC-0.3929232.223522202.22
38Dion Sims TE MIATE0.22A@BUF?10310.003302090.00Corey GrahamSS
39Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE NYJTE-0.20A@NE?27280.002582222.12Patrick ChungSS
37Ryan Griffin TE HOUTE0.09CIN?4120.0032221410.79