Week 16: DST

NFL: OCT 02 Patriots at RaidersFor those of you who are stuck with a BYE week and need to find a DST off waivers, or for those of you who wisely play waivers for a DST every week and play the matchups…we have compiled every DST and have developed a “Rating” to help you pick the best one.

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The Rating is pretty easy to understand. We determine the average weekly score based these year to date averages (see score legend below):

  • Yards Allowed
  • Points Allowed
  • Sacks
  • Interceptions
  • Fumbles Lost

Then we compare that to the similar year to date averages in the same category for the offense they face this week.

NEW in 2015:
“Favored” means Vegas is favoring that team to win, a great variable for fantasy DST success
“Home/Away” where “Home” teams are a great variable for fantasy DST success

The Rankings are in order of BEST DST to start this week, #1-#32. Pretty simple.



Defensive Statistic
Blocked Field Goal 3 points
Block Punt 1 point
Blocked Extra Point 1 point
Fumble Recovery 2 points
0-4 Points Allowed 6 points
5-9 Points Allowed 5 points
10-14 Points Allowed 4 points
15-19 Points Allowed 3 points
20-24 Points Allowed 2 points
25-29 Points Allowed 1 point
30+ Points Allowed 0 points
Defensive or Special Teams TD 6 points
Interception 2 points
Sack 1 point
Safety 2 points
0-149 Yards Allowed 6 points
150-199 Yards Allowed 5 points
200-249 Yards Allowed 4 points
250-299 Yards Allowed 3 points
300-349 Yards Allowed 2 points
350-399 Yards Allowed 1 point
400+ Yards Allowed 0 points

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